Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates Welcome to the Beautiful Evening of Dubai. Attractive Night View of Burj Khalifa Lovely Night Views of Dubai Very Beautiful footage taken by Drone  Love Lake of Dubai The Dubai Frame. World's Largest Picture Frame Beautiful Buildings Beautiful and well-managed city The Palm Island of Dubai hey guys and welcome to Dubai Dubai as a  city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates are known for luxury shopping  ultra-modern architecture and sandy  beaches Dubai was turned from a desert  backwater into one of the world's most  futuristic cities in less than 50 years  where is Dubai located in the eastern  part of the Arabian peninsula on the  coast of the Persian Gulf the city is  growing so fast I was actually visiting  it back in 1995 with my dad and when it  came here for the second time I couldn't  recognize anything my first impression  was that the city is just so  overwhelming different parts of the city  are just so spread out and it's

Japanese Secret To Whitening 10 Shades That Removes Wrinkles And Pigmentation For Snow White Skin


Japanese Secret To Whitening 10 Shades That Removes Wrinkles And Pigmentation  For Snow White Skin

Japanese  secret  to whitening  skin  
brightens  the  skin  in seconds  10 degrees  removes  blackheads eliminates pigmentation  and  dark  spots   We will need white rice    rice is one of the beauty secrets of japanese female skin in a saucepan put 2 spoons of rice
we add a cup of water
we cook the rice well on a low flame
when the rice becomes like this we turn off the heat we leave a little water with him
we grind the rice well if you need water, you can add it to grind the rice we get rice cream we filter it well you can use it without filtering it rice cream is very effective in whitening the skin gives freshness and natural radiance to the skin smooths skin and fights prmature wrinkles liquid milk we add 2 spoons of milk mix well

we add a spoonful of olive oil mix well
coconut oil spoon coconut oil
you can add any oil instead of these oils we get a creamy mixture we keep the cream in a clean box and keep it in the fridge it stays valid for 7 days apply to clean skin leave on skin for 15 minutes wash off with warm and cold water you will notice immediate results from the first use of a clear and white complexion complexion is free from all flaws and problems smooth skin like a baby's skin your skin will be like  japanese
you can also use the cream to whiten dark areas of the body and also use it to lighten sensitive areas repeat the recipe twice a week i guarantee you amazing results i hope you liked the recipe
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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