Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates Welcome to the Beautiful Evening of Dubai. Attractive Night View of Burj Khalifa Lovely Night Views of Dubai Very Beautiful footage taken by Drone  Love Lake of Dubai The Dubai Frame. World's Largest Picture Frame Beautiful Buildings Beautiful and well-managed city The Palm Island of Dubai hey guys and welcome to Dubai Dubai as a  city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates are known for luxury shopping  ultra-modern architecture and sandy  beaches Dubai was turned from a desert  backwater into one of the world's most  futuristic cities in less than 50 years  where is Dubai located in the eastern  part of the Arabian peninsula on the  coast of the Persian Gulf the city is  growing so fast I was actually visiting  it back in 1995 with my dad and when it  came here for the second time I couldn't  recognize anything my first impression  was that the city is just so  overwhelming different parts of the city  are just so spread out and it's

Turkey Trip | Turkish Food & Lifestyle | Istanbul Airport


Turkey Trip | Turkish Food & Lifestyle | Istanbul Airport

The grip on Trip has brought a brand new series for you 
'Discover Turkey.' I'm going to tell you the story of 
1800 years old Hagia Sophia was recently turned 
into a mosque from the museum.
Allah o Akbar..... 

Why the mausoleum of the Host of Holy Prophet (PBUH) 
Hazrat Ayub Ansari is in Istanbul? How his grave was discovered after 800 years? We'll talk about the first and 500 years old shopping mall in the world. We'll see hustle and bustle at Istaqlal Avenue and the historical Taksim Square monument. I'll show you Princess Island which looks like a piece of heaven and will share a memorable ferry trip. We'll enjoy world-renowned Turkish food and know why are they so famous in the world? I'll visit modern Turkey and will cross the Bosphorus strait. We'll see the thousands of years old relics of the Roman Empire and some odd natural manifestations. We'll visit victorious champion Ertugrul Ghazi's tomb. If you're interested in traveling to Turkey, my journey is going to give you great help because I'll save you money and time.
We'll know about the Turkish people and their lifestyle.

If you want to get a Turkish visa and you are an employee, get these documents ready. If you're married, MRC, and if you're bachelor, FRC letter. NOC from employer and 6 salary slips. Polio vaccination certificate. Travel health insurance which you can either get yourself or through any insurance company. Or you can get it from Gerry's office. 4 passport size pictures. Bank statement of 6 months. Passport with at least 6 months to the expiry date. Tax Return Certificate which you can get online from the FBR website. COVID test within 96 hours from the flight. If you are a businessman, you will introduce your business and the purpose of your trip on your letterhead. You don't need a NOC letter and 6 salary slips. 

All other documents are the same. Collect all these documents, download Visa Form from the official website of Turkey and fill it. Call Gerry for an appointment and submit your file. Gerry will charge PKR 14600 and you'll get your visa in 14 working days Inshallah. I have saved your PKR 8 to 10 thousand which you were going to pay to the travel agent. Turkey trip has started and my old pal Abdul Rehman is with me. How's it, bro? It's 2 o'clock and we are excited and have checked in. Let's see how's the journey. 
He is lying, we have not checked in and we are in the queue. 
I meant we had just come. It is our 10 to 11 days plan. We have planned a lot and we will get to know some things after reaching there. 

Our flight will depart at 0520 Inshallah. 
Our wish list is quite long, let's see how much we get. Stay with us, we'll share all our experiences with you. For your convenience, I am elaborating on the departure process from the airport.

First, you show your passport and ticket and enter. You'll get luggage, hand carry and yourself checked. You will go to the check-in counter and after weighing your luggage, a boarding pass will be handed over to you. Luggage will be sent in through a belt but your hand-carry will remain with you. After boarding, you'll go to passport control's cabin. Immigration personnel will check your passport, look at you suspiciously and stamp your passport. Then you will have to pass through the scanning process. Now you are free. See your gate number on the ticket sit near this gate and wait for the boarding announcement. Finally, we have reached Istanbul Airport. We found our bag easily. It is so big airport, we entered through gate no 25 and there are 25 belts on one gate.
We want to reach the hotel by bus without hiring a taxi.  

Thanks, God! You did not say on foot. Ataturk airport was closed recently and Istanbul International airport was inaugurated. It is a magnificent, big and beautiful airport. It offers the latest facilities. Most of the time you buy SIM after reaching abroad. Your families have been waiting for the 'landed safely' message. We've come to Turk Cell. The minimum SIM price is 220 Lira. It is about PKR 6000. You get 25GB of data which is more than enough for your tour. You can see Vodafone, Turk Telecom, and Turk Cell. Last time my Turk Cell experience was excellent. 

My flight from Lahore to Istanbul at 0520. My plane 
entered Afghanistan from Quetta. It flew over Kandhar and the Iranian city Mashhad. It crossed the Caspian Sea and entered the Anatolia region. It took about an hour to reach Istanbul from Anatolia. I traveled 4370km in 5 hours 40 minutes. This bus plies locally. It takes you to Taksim Square for 25 Lira per person. It drops you infamous areas. Taxi takes 150 to 160 Lira for Fatih which is expensive. You will go to the basement and find this bus. You can pick it from the basement but they drop you on the first floor. 150 Lira job is done in 25. I've saved your 125 Liras. Now, subscribe to my channel or if you want more love, send an easy load on my number. :D After dropping off the bus, we came to know that hotel is 2km away. We have luggage so hired a 25 Lira taxi. It's our room. It's quite cozy and bright.

This is Mr. Abdul Rehman. Just got rid of the mask and it has become easier to breathe. Yes, he breathes through his ears. Ears have moved backward. Put the mask backward, ears will get straight. The room is very good, compact but enjoyable. We are fresh and shining after 2 hours of rest. Today we will not visit any specific monument or place. It's 3, 4 hours to evening so we will explore bazaars and streets and eat some food. I am very hungry and would like to eat first then walk. It is right, eat first and then do something else. We will show you the streets of Fatih which is an ancient area of Istanbul city. We will walk here and 'check' the area! I've finalized Sikandar Kabab. Abdul Rehman is seeing. I'm confused! Due to price or variety? We finish it by the time our order is served.
What have you ordered?
 Adana Kabab and 1 Sikandar Kabab. 

And for yourself?
It's for me. Let's see. I have also requested soup. Taste it. We have found it everywhere, let's try it. It's very tasty with a touch of soup. 

They have put 2, 3 pulses. We heard that Turks like it very much. It is the sauce which we will eat with Kababs. Hunger and 'Nizam' are increasing. This is Adana Kabab, made of beef. They have roasted wheat with beef kabab. There is salad, lettuce, tomato, and green chili. 
Sikandar Kabab has been prepared in tomato paste. It is grilled meat with sour curd and chips. We will try Adana Kabab first. Kababs are really delicious. They've added fat in the kabab causing a tempting smell. The combination with tomato is very good. The chilies are not sour. Subhan Allah. It is very tasty. Ask them to bring more chilies. It is grilled beef in long pieces in tomato sauce. You eat it like this with tomato sauce. 

Turks seem to be brothers of Pathans. They also like fat in everything. They have used rice in it. We can feel them. We can also prepare it. Rice is mashed but some are still intact. It feels like a cream. The sweetener is very appropriate. Leave some for me. What did you say??? We ate food. While exploring the Subhan Ahmad area, we have reached Hassan Pasha Square. It is a busy corporate area with a lot of offices. Sea is nearby, you can see it as all the streets on the right side lead to the sea. Stay tuned.
Our non stop travel is going on. We did not stay much in the hotel. We went to Hassan Pasha Square, EminönĂ¼, and passed through the Sulemania mosque. Also, watch Grand Bazar from outside while walking We are back in Arasta Bazar, our hotel is nearby. 

We took a brief lunch but we walked so much that our lunch and breakfast have vanished. Yes, I told you it's just 3km. We walked 7km instead of 3km. My App has told me that we will not walk in the next 3 days. We did a lot of effort today. We set off at night, traveled the whole day sleeplessly. 
Today ends here. Will see you tomorrow Inshallah.  


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