Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates Welcome to the Beautiful Evening of Dubai. Attractive Night View of Burj Khalifa Lovely Night Views of Dubai Very Beautiful footage taken by Drone  Love Lake of Dubai The Dubai Frame. World's Largest Picture Frame Beautiful Buildings Beautiful and well-managed city The Palm Island of Dubai hey guys and welcome to Dubai Dubai as a  city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates are known for luxury shopping  ultra-modern architecture and sandy  beaches Dubai was turned from a desert  backwater into one of the world's most  futuristic cities in less than 50 years  where is Dubai located in the eastern  part of the Arabian peninsula on the  coast of the Persian Gulf the city is  growing so fast I was actually visiting  it back in 1995 with my dad and when it  came here for the second time I couldn't  recognize anything my first impression  was that the city is just so  overwhelming different parts of the city  are just so spread out and it's

EveryDay Mask For 1 Week To Get Beautiful Skin


Everyday Mask For 1 Week To Get Beautiful Skin

Every Day Mask For 1 Week To Get Beautiful Skin Today in this post I am going to share one very simple face mask that you can use on daily basis with each passing day you can see a significant change in your skin glow the best part is that you need just three ingredients to prepare this mask that is easily available in your kitchen in this post I have shared a seven-day routine with this mask that will help you to get healthy glossy skin naturally to prepare this mask you will need yogurt it is better to use thick yogurt
honey make sure you use raw honey
and turmeric powder 
first, in a clean dry bowl take one spoon of yogurt in add half a spoon of honey and one-quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric powder     mix it well and your mask is ready for application 
it is advised to prepare a fresh mask every day now let me tell you how to use this mask for seven days on your face on day one wash your face in the morning pat dry and apply a layer of this mask on your face leave it just for five minutes on your face and then wash it off with cold water  

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repeat the same on day two if everything goes well on day three and four put this mask on your face for seven to eight minutes if this mask leaves any yellow stain on your face dip a clean cotton ball in raw milk and use this to remove those stains on your face for coming days you can leave this mask up to 15 minutes on your face and then wash it off with cold water yogurt in this mask contains lactic acid that provides gentle exfoliation by dissolving dead skin cells this helps 
create a healthy glow 
prevent acne diminish fine lines and 
decrease discolorations turmeric powder in this mask makes your skin glowing and flawless turmeric has been known to decrease  redness puffiness and irritation honey acts as a moisturizer for your skin its antibacterial properties help to further nourish skin and prevent acne from tan to d10 in no time naturally reduces sun damage provide glowing and bright skin instantly removes the dead skin to get a soft and smooth texture
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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