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  Dubai, United Arab Emirates Welcome to the Beautiful Evening of Dubai. Attractive Night View of Burj Khalifa Lovely Night Views of Dubai Very Beautiful footage taken by Drone  Love Lake of Dubai The Dubai Frame. World's Largest Picture Frame Beautiful Buildings Beautiful and well-managed city The Palm Island of Dubai hey guys and welcome to Dubai Dubai as a  city and an emirate in the United Arab Emirates are known for luxury shopping  ultra-modern architecture and sandy  beaches Dubai was turned from a desert  backwater into one of the world's most  futuristic cities in less than 50 years  where is Dubai located in the eastern  part of the Arabian peninsula on the  coast of the Persian Gulf the city is  growing so fast I was actually visiting  it back in 1995 with my dad and when it  came here for the second time I couldn't  recognize anything my first impression  was that the city is just so  overwhelming different parts of the city  are just so spread out and it's

How to Easily Get Soft, Healthy Hands & Feet at Home


How to Easily Get Soft, Healthy Hands & Feet at Home 

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be smooth and beautiful now today we're going to be talking about two parts of our body that we use a lot but we don't really give a lot of special attention to and these parts of our bodies are constantly exposed to the environment as well and that is our hands and feet and our hands and feet can be easily damaged and it can actually suffer from wrinkles as you get older and without proper care age spots can actually form on them so what exactly defines beautiful hands well it's not exactly the shape of your hands but rather the condition of your hands so whether it's soft and healthy and today we've prepared some hacks that you guys can do at home so your hands and feet can be pristine and clean hack

Number one DIY protein nail strengthener so say goodbye to dirty nails and bite

marks if you're just taking care of your nails alone that can actually make your hands look a lot healthier so while cutting your cuticles can actually, make your hand look nicer it actually takes away the support system of your nails and leaves it unprotected this can lead to an infection that is why instead of cutting away your cuticles try to lessen the appearance of it by using proper care so the ingredients simple all you're gonna need is some more water olive oil milk eggs body lotion and cotton swabs using a cotton swab apply olive oil to the bottom of your nails this moisturizes your nails and protects the cuticles and if you want stronger faster-growing nails than try mixing the olive oil with high-protein foods such as egg yolks and milk and to finish try applying a body lotion or moisturizer to your nails to make sure that they are hydrated and protected hack
Number two a DIY hand
hydrating mask so let's make a DIY pack for wrinkle-free hands all you need is hand lotion or body lotion aloe vera gel honey 2 plastic gloves and two rubber bands number one cleanse your hands in warm water number two mix honey aloe vera gel and body lotion in a 1 to 1 to 1 ration
Number 3 after applying the mixture to your hands you're gonna want to put your hands in two plastic gloves and then tie the ends with a rubber band number 4 take off your gloves after 20 minutes or when condensation forms within the gloves and last but not least wash your hands for fully hydrated hands Hack number 3 exfoliating care with a foot bath if your feet suffers from calluses or cracks then this tip is definitely for you so did you know that alcohol and essential oils found in cleansers help to remove bacteria soften dead skin and prevent athlete's foot all you're gonna need is some mouthwash warm water and vinegar so number one you're gonna put one cup of mouthwash and vinegar in warm water number two soak your feet for 20 minutes plus tip if you don't have mouthwash try using baking soda and vinegar instead mixing these two together will cause them to bubble and the gas will actually help to circulate blood flow and to exfoliate

your skin and last but not least after exfoliating make sure you use a moisturizer to stay hydrated hydration is key hack number four a DIY brightening mask use a cucumber lemon mask to brighten up dull and tired skin so this is not just for your hands and feet but any part of your body where you feel like it needs to be brightened all you're gonna need is one cucumber one lemon baking powder salt and rubber gloves add baking soda to water and wash the lemon in the mixture and then you're gonna wash the cucumber with coarse salt and then blend it after peeling it the number three you're gonna squeeze lemon juice into the mixture and then number four allow cotton pads to soak in this mixture for about 10 minutes and then tada you're gonna apply these onto any parts of your area for around ten minutes to brighten your skin so we hope that these four beauty hacks that we marks their causes how to get rid of them and how to prevent them so make
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